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About Us

1 Who we are?

PCFdata.Com is a platform displaying pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical factories and suppliers mainly in China.This platform was inspired by the free spirit of internet and created as a guide for buyers to find right factory and factory to find direct buyer.

2.What we do?

We list reliable and competitive manufacturers and factories in pharm&chem industry in PCFdata.Com. Not all chinese factories have an English website, some even don't have a website, with PCFdata.Com, you can find them. Nearly half of the factories are GMP approved.

We send type-matched RFQ posted by buyers to direct factory.

Please note, PCFdata.Com only lists factories/manufacturers (or their regional designated distributors/wholesalers). If none of factories in our system meets the requirement of the buyer, our sourcing team will provide solutions for buyers

We welcome all buyers and suppliers to feed good factories to us to help all our buyers to find their right factory here.

If  any buyer had any bad trade experience (such as poor quality, bad service even scam etc) with any factories enlisted in our platform, report to us so we will can remove those 'bad apples' from our system or even put scammers in spotlight. We have a black-list of scamming suppliers as a reminder to all buyers so buyers will avoid dealing with them to lower trading risks.

3.What buyers and factories can do on this platform?

Buyers:Post RFQ and and direct contact details of factory sales. Yes, Totally FREE

Factories: Post Selling leads for free and quote RFQ posted by buyers.

4.Why this platform?

This platform serves as a bridge between buyers and factories in pharm&chem industry.

This platform will keep dlsclosing on-going scamming suppliers and put them into spotlight so buyers can check scamming supplier list in pharm&chem industry before choosing new suppliers.

If there is anything we can improve, don't hesitate to contact us by We strive to provide the best service to all buyers and suppliers.