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Enoxaparin Sodium, Heparin Sodium, Chondroitin Sulfate

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Company Introduction
Established in 1998, went public in May 2012, Dongcheng Biochemicals Co.,Ltd has developed into an enterprise group which combines pharmaceutical R&D, production, marketing and capital operation together,across field of biochemical API, chemical synthetic drugs and modern Chinese Medicines. At present, DCB owns four subsidiaries, including – YanTai DongCheng Beifang Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd, YanTai DongCheng Dayang Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd , Yinan DongCheng Don gyuan Bioengineering Co.,Ltd and DongCheng Biochemicals (USA),Inc, also sets up R&D branch in Beijing and Shanghai. Currently, the number of DCB employee is reaching 1000 .

DCB now is one of the biggest biochemical API manufacturers in China, With leading production technology, reliable product quality and excellent international qualification background, the company’s Heparin sodium and Chondroitin Sulfate products have hold important place in global market . Currently 90% of DCB API prod... [MORE]
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