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Exposure of Food Disqualification of 8 batches from CFDA

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Recently, CFDA organized sampling testing of 711 batches of 9 kinds of foodstuffs such as processed meats, biscuits, dairies, beverages, special dietary foods, canned foods, tea & related products and confectionaries,  703 batches passed the sampling inspection items, 8 batches failed. For testing items, please check Annex. According to national standards for food safety, individual items failed, the product is regarded as disqualified products. Specific details are as follows:

First, the overall situation: 117 batches of food processing, 1 batch failed the testing. 75 batches of meat products, 1 batch failed. 98 batches of biscuits, 1 batch failed. 101 batches of dairy products, 1 batch failed. 71 batches of drinks, 1 batch failed. 21 batches of special dietary products, 3 batches failed. 74 batches of canned food, 36 batches of tea & related products, 118 batches of confectioneries, none of the failed samples were detected.

Second, Please check the list of factories for those 8 batches of Disqualified Food

(1) Tmall Jiaxing Red Ship Food Store (Operator: Jiaxing Red Ship Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.) 天猫嘉兴红船食品专营店(经营者为嘉兴市红船农产品有限公司)selling Shuimo rice cakes (slices) in Tmall online store produced by Jiaxing Nanhu Zhai Food Co., Ltd.(嘉兴市南湖斋食品有限公司)  Failed Testing Item: Microbial Testing

(2)Tmall Shouxi Food Store (Operator: Shandong Shouxi Trading Co., Ltd.)天猫首席食品专营店(经营者为山东首席商贸有限公司) selling Sausages in Tmall online store produced by Laiwu Huishun Food Co., Ltd(莱芜市汇顺食品有限公司).  Failed Testing Item: Microbial Testing

(3) Tmall Jiasheng food Store (Operator: Shenzhen Jiasheng Industrial Co., Ltd.)天猫伽盛食品专营店(经营者为深圳市伽盛实业有限公司 selling fruit jam flavor biscuits in Tmall online store produced by Guangdong JiashiLi Food Group Co., Ltd(广东嘉士利食品集团有限公司). Failed Testing Item: Mold Testing

(4) JingDong Axin flagship store (Operator:Luoyang Axin Dairy Co., Ltd.) 京东阿新官方旗舰店(经营者为洛阳阿新奶业有限公司)Selling Pure milk in JD online store produced by Luoyang Axin Dairy Co., Ltd(洛阳阿新奶业有限公司). Failed Item: fat content

(5) Tmall Supermarket (Operator: Shanghai Tianyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd.) 天猫超市(经营者为上海天翌电子商务有限公司)Selling Guangshi Pineapple-flavored carbonated beverage in Tmall online Store produced by Foshan Sanshui YinXue Food Co., Ltd佛山市三水区隐雪食品有限公司. authorized by Guangzhou Brewery(广州啤酒厂). Failed Item: Microbial Testing

(6) Taobao Niaoerduoduo maternal and child supplies store (operator: Bengbu Economic Development Zone Niaoerduoduo maternal and child supplies store) 淘宝网鸟儿朵朵母婴用品店(经营者为蚌埠经济开发区鸟儿朵朵母婴用品店) selling nutritious rice noodles and Fe-Zn-Ca nutritious rice noodles produced by Shougan County ZhuangyuanFood Co., Ltd(新干县状元食品有限公司). Failed Item: Sodium Content
(7) Shenzhen China Resources Vangurard Supermarket Co., Ltd..Haolai Branch (深圳华润万佳超级市场有限公司好来分店) selling Danalac wheat milk rice noodles (country of origin: Portugal)imported by Wuxi HongTianRui Trading Co., Ltd(无锡市宏天瑞贸易有限公司). Failed Item: Sodium Content

Third, the Failed Sampling found in the testing, CFDA has notified the provinces to investigate and confiscate failed foods according to law and informed Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong and other Food and Drug Administration to request the food manufacturers, importers to find out distribution of products, recall substandard products, then analyze the reasons for rectification; CFDA has required Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong and other provinces (municipalities) Food and Drug Administration to order all operators of the relevant food products immediately take measures such as taking failed foods off shelf etc; Beijing, Zhejiang and other provinces (municipalities) Food and Drug Administration to order the online food stores immediately to take off shelves and other measures for unqualified products to control the risk. The above-mentioned provincial food and drug regulatory authorities shall, within 7 days from the date of the announcement, disclose the risk prevention and control measures to the public and shall report the situation of verification and disposal to the State Food and Drug Administration within three months and make the announcement to the public.

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