SFDA Unannounced Inspection Resulted in GMP Withdrawal

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SFDA Unannounced Inspection resulted in GMP Withdrawal

in Feb 2018, SFDA's Unannounced Inspections to GMP factories has resulted in relevant GMP Withdrawal in 3 manufacturers:

Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd(湖北民康制药有限公司). Related Withdrawn GMP:An Ka Huang Min capsules (氨咖黄敏胶囊) Vc YinQiao Tablet(C银翘片)

2. Anguo Lulutong Chinese Herbal Piece Co., Ltd(安国路路通中药饮片有限公司) Related Withdrawn GMP:Chinese Herbal Piece

3. Jilin Yizheng Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd(吉林一正药业集团有限公司), Related withdrawn GMP: Chinese Herbal Piece

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