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How to find reliable chemical suppliers in China

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How to find reliable chemical suppliers in China

Chemical importers all want to find reliable suppliers first, later suppliers just right suppliers for them, here we are to solve your first problem: How to find reliable chemical suppliers in China?

importers can check this ilustration for general ideas, we will explain in details point by point right after.

1. You can always google.

Google is the world's most powerful search engine, there are tons of infos shown in it everyday if you search a keyword. If you are looking for a new product from a new supplier, it is very important to run a background check. we may have to post a new topic later: how to run a background check for chemical suppliers.

2. You can try alibaba

As we all know, alibaba is a comprehensive B2B platform, second to know I suppose. Chemical suppliers on alibaba are mainly trading companies, there are also big manufacturers on it, such as Jiudian Pharma, who has been in there for over 5 years. As for suppliers' reliability, most of them are reliable, alibaba is doing a good job to keep those companies reliable: 

1) if complaint is filed against supplier, if severe enough alibaba can close suppliers' shop, 5000USD yearly fee will be in vain. alibaba will run a basic background check on suppliers before suppliers are allowed to open a shop on alibaba

2) there are buyers' reviews on each transactions they made, good or bad, you can for yourself. We can not say 100% of the good/5-star remarks or reviews are trustworthy, but come on, chemical importers know how difficult the customs clearance is, it is not easy to fake an international transport of chemicals, but we don't excludes extreme cases, ok?

3) You can check service years for each supplier, the longer, the more trustworthy they are. But, there is always a but. But an over-10-year alibaba supplier doesn't necessarily mean they provide superior service, just saying they can be a little more reliable.

4) You can check transaction Values and Numbers for each supplier, those data can be used as a reliability factor.

Sorry, we almost forgot, you can also try MIC, but MIC specialties are not in chemicals we think, mainly on mechineries or other stuff.

3. You are always welcome to attend CPHI China(Every June held in Shanghai) and API China (Date and City please: follow

The exhibitors of API China, they are relatively more reliable. Especially API China, the fair itself is for Chinese domestic market, mainly chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturers are exhibiting in API China, Please note, we are saying MAINLY, not ALL exhibitors ok? 

Why we say API China exhibitors are relatively more reliable? 

1) Exhibitors are mainly direct manufacturers, who have relatively better control over the leadtime, quality control etc. Besides, even the supplier quantity for you to choose is smaller than that of CPHI China. Exhibitor Number of CPHI China can be triple or more of that of API China, if you want to deal with more chemical manufacturers and factories, come to API China.

2) API China target Chinese trading companies and manufacturers, buyers may disccuss prices and quality for certain products from stall to stall with exhibitors. The chemical circle is not big and people talk, if one of the exhibitors act as the black sheep, soon everybody will know, I mean everybody within this circle.

For CPHI China, you can always find big manufacturers in W1, W2, E1, E2 Hall, also in other Halls with radiant decorations. But you will find more trading companies. Technically over 90% of the exhibitors on CPHI are trust-worthy, I can not say 100%, importers sure had some bad expierences with certain suppliers exhibiting there, just very tiny small amount.

So If you want reliable suppliers, come to China more and visit manufacturing facility more then you will believe.

4. Chemical B2B site. (We are listing several symbolic chemical B2B sites, if not included, leave your comment so we can re-edit this post)

Below is a brief introduction on several Chinese Chemical B2B websites:

1), which as you all know, it is our own website: pcfdata=pharm&chem factory data, is more like a chemical and pharmaceutical factory driectory, bad suppiers are not allowed to enlist, once enlisted, can be labelled as cheater, also you can read comments from importers, buyers etc. Click suppliers you will see interface below:


From this site you can see suppliers registration status, such as fda/cep usdmf/edmf etc Take bacitracin for example, we type BACITRACIN and click search, you can see a page as below, Number of API suppliers, US DMF, CEP/COS etc. Find details by yourself. Generally speaking, Chinese suppliers are more competitive.

3). is part of, of course you can search The key to use is by Chinese, you can seach by cas no, product name (in Chinese), then suppliers name will pop out. Mainly suppliers of are factories, more intermediate suppliers than API ones. Around 2010 or earlier, chemnet was doing great, but through all those years, their paid member are lost little by little, as there are more and more cheaper or even free B2B sites, chement didn't provide any attracting services to keep paid members to stay. Their business scope includes:chemical advertising, building Websites, server and domain name services etc. Now their former customers went to

4) is a rising star, their main paid customers are reagent companies, small labs, so you know order quantity is comparatively small, mg, g, 10g etc. check the front page of chemicalbook. All sponsored members are reagent companies.

5)., how to say, We are not a fan of their yearly fee, about the same as alibaba, around 5000USD per year. Paid members mainly are trading companies, 2/3 approximately. importers and buyers can verify for yourself.

5. Government site (We just list symbolic sites of Chinese FDA, us fda, eu fda, you can always check sites of indian fda, australian TGA, Japanese FDA etc)


This is the website of Chinese State Food and Drug Administration, in this site, you are required to know Chinese character to recgonize supplier names, to tell which is which. Keywords you put in can be either Chinese or English. Current search link is as follows:

click the link you will see the search interface as below:

Enter your keyword in the blank you will get supplier list, we take bacitracin for example:

As you can see, the only GMP supplier for bacitracin in china is NCPC Huasheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, of course it is in Chinese, so importers and buyers, learn Chinese :).

Suppliers you get from this website is 99% reliable. You may ask who is the 1%? Hmm, there are just manufacturers with bad reputations.


We suppose you all know this web, it is the web of US FDA website, if you find Chinese suppliers from, they are reliable ok?


if you find Chinese suppliers from, they are reliable ok?

6. Referral from suppliers you have worked with over years

Last but not the least, this is an important way for you to find new reliable suppliers in China too. Generally speaking, Current Chinese suppliers should know Chemical industry better and they can provide insightful ideas to verify the reliability of new suppliers. So buyers and importers, be good to your current suppliers that you already trust, it is a hidden wealth for you :)

Of course, there are other ways for you to find reliable suppliers, such as pay a visit, audit the factory, face-to-face conversation etc, recommendations are invited by comments from below and let's discuss together.

In our opinion, as the Chinese economy growing and internet popularization, there will be less and less room for cheaters in business. What we did is keep buyers and importers business as safe as possible. And we welcome you all to expose cheater to us we can list all cheaters in our website.

Acctually we already have a page to expose cheaters in Chemical industry, check the link below:

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