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Mettler Toledo XPE105DR Balance

Brands: Mettler Toledo
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Last Update: 2018-01-10 09:09
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1 PC
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20 PC
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    Balance XPE105DR

    A Sustainable Investment.

    Electrostatic Charge Detection

    Automatically detect any relevant static charges present in the weighing chamber that might lead to out of specification weighing procedures.

    Easy Balance Management

    The innovative StatusLightTM gives fast information about the balance status for immediate quality control. Compliance is assured with Test Manager.

    Easily Upgradeable

    An XPE balance is the perfect starting point to open up your process to automated powder and liquid dosing. Simply upgrade with Quantos dosing modules.

    Specifications - Balance XPE105DR
    Maximum Capacity 120 g/41 g
    Readability 0.1 mg;0.01 mg
    Repeatability (Test Weight) 0.015 mg (5 g)
    Minimum Weight (USP), Typical 14 mg
    Adjustment Internal / proFACT Advanced
    Automated Minimum Weight (USP), Typical 10 mg
    Weighing Pan Dimensions (WxD) 73 mm x 78 mm
    Legal for Trade No
    Settling Time 1.5 s
    Repeatability (typical) 7 µg
    Linearity ± 0.1 mg
    Dimensions (DxHxW) 487 mm x 322 mm x 263 mm
    Material Number(s) 30087924


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