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Rifamycin S Manufacturer

Brands: njcpharma
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Last Update: 2020-02-28 09:46
Unit Price:
100 Kg
Monthly Supply Capacity :
2000 Kg
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  • Region:China-Henan Province
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    Rifamycin S Manufacturer


    Description:Rifamycin S

    CAS No.13553-79-2

    Formula: C37H45NO12

    Molecule Wt.: 695.762

    Standard: Inhouse Std.


    Packing: 20Kgs/Drum

    Rifmycin S
    (Rifa S)

    Fundamental Chemical Properties, Packing, Standard

    Chemcial Stuctural Formula

    COA(Inhouse Standard)


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    Correlative Content: 

    Rifabutin Rifamycin
    3F Rifamycin SV Rifampicin BD 0.5
    Rifampicin BD 0.7

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