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Sartorius electronic pipettes

Brands: Sartorius
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Last Update: 2018-02-09 21:26
Unit Price:
1 PC
Monthly Supply Capacity :
1000 PC
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  • Region:Germany
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    Ergonomic, Efficienct, and Safe

    Are you looking for the following qualities in a pipette and not willing to compromise

    • Comfortable to hold and reduces the risk of strain injuries
    • Conforms to the strictest lab regulations
    • Speeds up your work
    • Helps you to achieve accurate results time after time

    If the answer is yes, then Picus® NxT should be your choice. It meets all of these requirements with its inherited, superior design of the award-winning Picus® and with its added certification and novel safety features for conformance to the strictest lab regulations.

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