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Annexin A1 (1-11) (dephosphorylated)

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    Product Name:Annexin A1 (1-11) (dephosphorylated) (human, bovine, chicken, porcine)  

    Synonyms:Annexin-1 (2-12) (human, bovine, chicken, porcine), Lipocortin-1 (2-12), Calpactin II (1-11) (dephosphorylated) (human, bovine, chicken, porcine)

    Cas No.:256447-08-2

    Catalog No.:GT-P126

    Key Specification:

    Appearance:  White powder
    Purity (HPLC) ≥98.0%

    Single impurity≤1.5%

    Peptide content≥70.0%

    Amino Acid Composition≤±15%

    Bacterial Endotoxins≤50EU/mg


    Vacuum-packed with aluminum foil bag or transparent bag. 10mg,50mg, 100mg,1g,10g, 50g per package with icebag. Or according to your request. 


    Annexin A1 is a calcium-dependent phospholipid binding protein derived from spinal animals. It is an effector molecule that mediates the anti-inflammatory effects of intracellular glucocorticoids. It can be widely expressed in tissues and participates in all stages of the cell growth cycle. Annexin A1 can exist in a soluble form, and can also be stably or reversibly bound to cytoskeletal proteins to regulate the interaction between cells and extracellular mechanisms. Annexin A1 (1-11) is a peptide fragment composed of 11 amino acids. In the process of peptide synthesis, although the Annexin A1 (1-11) sequence is not long, it is not difficult to produce. The hydrophobicity and side reactions of the sequence are both Increase the difficulty of production.

    Storage:Cool dry place( Store at -20°C, away from the light)

    Remark:For Research Use Only. Not for human use.


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