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Semi-automatic Coagulation Analyzer

Brands: Maccura
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Last Update: 2018-03-07 16:35
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200 Piece
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    Semi-automatic coagulation analyzer uses clotting method (duel-magnetic method), comprehensive menu quickly and flexibly meets the requirement of clinical laboratory.

    System Description Semi-automatic Coagulation Analyzer 
    Testing Method Clotting Method (duel-magnetic method)
    Testing Items PT, APTT, TT, FIB
    Sample Incubation Positions 16
    Detection Positions 4
    Samples Required plasma
    Reagent Incubation Positions 3
    Steel Ball Distributor 1
    Reaction Cuvette 4 Cuvettes
    Data Storage

    On Line

    Temperature Control Detection Position: 37.0℃±1.0℃ 
    Incubation Position: 37.0℃±1.0℃
    Power Required 220±22V, 80W/50±1Hz
    Exchange Insurance T1AH250VAC
    Dimensions (mm) 450(L)×370(W)×105(H)
    Weight 5 kg
    Working Environment 10~30℃
    Relative Humidity ≤70%

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